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Hello you! Thank you for tuning in.

In these times of crisis, let’s stay safe, calm, and connected and keep the feeling of togetherness. In order to do that (and because I’m technically an unemployed and unpaid yoga teacher the next weeks or even months), I just launched an online yoga space where you can practice with me LIVE. There will be yoga, first of all, but also other kinds of movement and meditation + experimental content and personal chats/Q&A’s with me.


To enter this online space, I’ll ask you to pay 99 DKK (13 EUR or 15 USD) using MobilePay to 31342 or through PayPal at or using my e-mail This gives you access to ALL of the videos and content I’ll be posting until the end of the month INCLUDING everything that is already in the group. If you feel like donating a little bit more for each yoga video, I would of course be very very thankful.

Let’s move! Enter HERE

➖ From April 1st I would like to make this an actual online yoga studio (with also other movement forms and ways to keep your mind sharp). So if you want to keep supporting me, I’ll charge 199 DKK for a full month’s membership (meaning that you pay only ONCE and then have access to everything). There will be at least 3 yoga classes a week (meaning it will cost you around 16 DKK for one yoga class #doesntgetanycheaper hehe) and YOU can influence the schedule and help build up this online yoga studio so it fits you. Leave me any suggestions and ideas you may have ?

➖ My plan is to find the best online platform and space, which is not Facebook, in the future so everything is easily manageable for everyone.

It would mean so much to me if you could help me spread the word by telling people in your community about this online space and community.

➖ THANK YOU ❤️ I’m super overwhelmed by your help but most of all I’m super inspired and motivated to make this thing grow and create awesome videos and content for YOU.See you later and take care!

LIVE yoga with Christine Bonde

You’ll find your online yoga space right HERE. I’m looking forward to practicing together.

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