Do you want to do playouts rather than workouts?

Would you like to experience the effect of incorporating more ease and joyfulness into the way you move, think and navigate through life?

Are you curious about natural movement and how to feel more connected to yourself and your surroundings?

Let me help you (re)discover your true nature through movement so you can reach your full potential with optimal health and wellness.

Movement coaching is not your regular personal training. It’s a way to optimize the way you move not only physically but also socially, mentally and spiritually. Movement is an expression of your desires. Movement is what makes you capable. Movement is what you are. I’ll love to help you become a better mover so you can navigate through life in a way that helps you enjoy it to the fullest.


…new ways to train and move in a playful manner
…ways to (re)connect with nature
…health and lifestyle coaching
…tools to build and manage new habits
…cooking inspiration and kitchen creativity
…a place to share your wildest dreams
…the courage to rewild yourself
…renewed energy and good vibes

Below you’ll find the different package deals I offer at the moment but they can all be adjusted to meet your exact needs. I only work with a very limited number of clients in order to keep the quality of connection high at all times. I’m available for questions through e-mail anytime you need me throughout the process.


We can have the most light yet profound conversations when we’re together in nature – not just because we’re in our natural habitat but also because we’re moving at the same time. This is our natural state and where we come to life.

I’ll meet you as your mentor as we walk through nature and get to know your deepest desires. Manifest your biggest and most crazy dreams and see how it feels to share them when your surrounded by greenery, open space and freedom, connected to your raw and true self. I want you to gain access to your full potential so you can grow organically. Maybe you need some new perspectives on your job situation, maybe you’re looking for that spike of motivation to get into a more active lifestyle, or maybe you’d like to see some changes in the way you move around food and nutrition. Maybe you don’t even know what you need before we get moving.

We’ll meet in Dyrehaven (Klampenborg Station) and go for a 60-90 minutes walk. There is not bad weather only bad clothing.

I’m ready for some vitamin nature!


What is a movement practice? Allow yourself to be a beginner and dive into a new way of thinking about a training/workout routine. You’ll learn how to become an easy, graceful and joyful mover so you can optimize the you move during practice but also in the way you navigate through life. I’ll mix up different elements from yoga, parkour, calisthenics, gymnastics, plyometrics, locomotion, running, crossfit, HIIT, meditation & mindfulness to give you a new, fun and nutritious movement practice.

No matter if your goal is weightloss/weightgain, overall health optimization, or you want to perform better in your sport, we’ll focus on natural movement and introducing an element of play into everything we practice. Some days we might go tree climbing. Some days we might jump into the water for some cold exposure. We will explore and nourish your movement capabilities while connecting with nature – your innate nature and the nature surrounding you.

One session is 45-60 minutes and we will meet different places all over Copenhagen to explore the way we move in urban as well as nature environments.

Let’s #makeamovenotapose


Movement brings people together. It creates connections. Because movement is what we are. Bring a friend, a colleague, a stranger or whoever you’d like to move with. You can choose any of the packages above and get a 20% discount for two people. If you’re more than two people, contact me for more info.

It’s a together thing – bring it on!


If you’re not around Copenhagen, I’m available for online coaching too. I’ll help you through weekly Skype calls, coaching/mentoring and videos providing you with movement puzzles and challenges. Contact me for more information about this package.

Ready, set, move!


I’m teaching in Danish or English.

Please show up a few minutes before scheduled so we can start on time.

If you need to cancel, do it at least 24 hours before the session, otherwise you’ll miss it and still have to pay for it (unless it’s due to sudden illness or an emergency). Call or text me at 28780344.

No refunds when payment has gone through (unless I need to cancel myself. Then you’ll get a full refund of course).

Sessions take place outdoors on different locations around Copenhagen. If the weather forces us to go inside, I will find an indoor playground instead.